What is a Catalytic Converter and What It Does?

The catalytic converter allows harmful fumes from vehicle exhausts to mix into the air in a cleaner and filtered way. The converter, which is very important in terms of emission values, must be produced in accordance with various standards. In order to meet the emission and emission values ​​determined by international standards, converters produced with advanced technology are used. This part, which is extremely important to reduce the damage caused by vehicles to the environment, works very efficiently to prevent air pollution.

Although this system, which is widely preferred, loses its efficiency over time, it also contributes to the prevention of air pollution. The system, which prevents the filtration of smoke and the mixing of harmful substances into the air during the combustion and exhaust of the fuel, is preferred all over the world. At this point, catalytic converters are used extensively. Catalytic converters also contain rhodium.

How Much Rhodium Is In A Catalytic Converter?

The types of catalytic converters in automobiles contain very precious metals. Among these precious metals is rhodium metal. Rhodium metal, which is very careful about recycling, is very valuable. By using the necessary recycling methods, the rhodium contained in the converters can be recycled. This recycling technique is preferred especially for scrap vehicles in car cemeteries. The precise amount of metal contained in the part is extremely important for determining the scrap value within the recycling industry.

Rhodium metal automotive catalytic converters contain the precious metals Platinum, Rhodium and Palladium. The exact amount of these items is important to the recycling industry in determining their scrap value. It can be found between 177 – 256 values.

How Much Palladium Is In A Catalytic Converter?

There are extremely precious metals in the converters in the vehicles. Palladium, one of the precious metals in the catalytic converter, ranges from 729 to 2830. The values ​​that differ according to the classes are of great importance for the scrap value. Having sufficient information about the scrap value will contribute to recycling as well. Precious metals can be recycled much more efficiently by making the right choices about recycling methods.

Precious metals obtained after recycling can be reprocessed and new parts can be produced. Converters containing extremely valuable metals are among the scrap parts that should never be ignored. The amount of palladium is quite sufficient when compared to other precious metals. Therefore, such products are very valuable for the recycling industry!

How Much Platinum Is In A Catalytic Converter?

There are very valuable metals that can be recovered by recycling in the catalytic converter parts in automobiles and other vehicles. If these metals are recycled in a healthy way, the scrap value will increase greatly. Although platinum is an extremely valuable metal, it can be used in many different sectors and industries.

Among the converter models, platinum can be found between 770 and 3112 values. Although this value is quite high, it can make a great contribution after recycling. Platinum and many other precious metals can be extracted from catalytic converters and made ready for reprocessing by recycling. Although the platinum values ​​vary according to the condition and model of the part, the value is much higher for parts used for large vehicles.

The Most Expensive Catalytic Converters and Their Prices

Converters are sold at different prices depending on the make and model of your vehicle. The most expensive catalytic converters are often advanced devices in high-end vehicles. Prices, which differ according to the quality, can vary between 100 – 1000 $. The prices that rise in almost the right proportion with the value of your vehicle are offered to you. The converters of the brands with high quality parts and expensive spare parts are sold at very high prices.

By having your catalytic converter regularly maintained, you can use it for many years without any problems. Proper driving techniques will also help you maintain the health of your vehicle and its parts. By protecting your valuable parts in this way, you can save a lot in the long run.

Catalytic Converter Theft and How to Avoid It

If you do not want your vehicle parts to be stolen, the first precaution you will take is to park your vehicle in a safe area. Parking in well-lit non-secluded areas

It will reduce the possibility of theft. The catalytic converter is a very important part for the vehicle and is valuable because of the metals it contains.

This is why converter thefts are becoming more common. If you do not have a personal garage of your own, you can park at the entrance of the building or in areas where pedestrians are abundant. Crowded areas that are not secluded will be much safer for your vehicle.

Likewise, another way to prevent theft is security devices that protect the converter and prevent it from being stolen. These security systems work together with your vehicle’s security system. The device that detects any theft situation will activate your vehicle’s security alarm.

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