Sedimentation Tanks

Sedimentation tanks are a machine made of polypropylene resistant to vacuum. Sedimentation tanks can be made according to a volume requested by the customer or with a material other than polyproblene.

The system transfers the liquids from the vacuum pump to the settling tanks and can precipitate the desired precious metals. You can then remove the precipitated precious metal from the filter.

General Features of Sedimentation Tanks

  • Made of polyproblene material. It is resistant to corrosion and acids.
  • It works with vacuum system.
  • The desired filter system can work.

Our Gold Refining company guarantees the machines you buy. After making sure that all our machines are working, we deliver them to our customers.

In addition, we can supply spare parts of all our systems to our customers.

Sedimentation tanks are one of the products of professional quality today. Sedimentation tanks draw attention as products with a completely polypropylene structure. Sedimentation tanks, which stand out with their polypropylene systemic feature, are vacuum-protected structures. Sedimentation tanks are products that are designed and created in line with the demands of people. Sedimentation tanks have their own volume. They are products that stand out with their unique quality structures. Sedimentation tanks supported by advanced technologies are frequently preferred recently.

Sedimentation tanks have valves. At the same time, settling tanks appear as machines that provide liquid reaction. It performs the liquid reaction with the advanced vacuum pump. It has the property of collapsing precious metals. With its advanced filter, it filters precious metals and presents them to the market in their purest form. Sedimentation tanks have vacuum proof features. The material quality is extremely high. It appears as products made of titanium steel material. Especially recently, the usage area of ​​settling tanks has expanded considerably.

Settlement Tanks Usage Area

Sedimentation tanks have a wide range of uses. It meets the needs of its customers in the best way with its multifunctional structures. Sedimentation tanks are frequently used in subway construction and tunnel construction. Sedimentation tanks have the ability to drill into hard and resistant rocks. It has the feature of removing soil and mud in a large area. When using settling tanks; There is definitely a need for professional personnel in this field.

The machines have diameters from approximately 1 meter to 25 meters. Therefore, it offers a comprehensive excavation service to its customers. Sludge accumulated in train track constructions and subway construction is discharged into settling tanks. Sedimentation tanks perform the separation of these accumulated liquids. Thus, dirty water is purified and reused as clean water.

Sedimentation Tanks Features

Sedimentation tanks have many structural features. It is one of the most used equipment in the construction industry with its advanced features. Sedimentation tanks appear as durable equipment made of high steel. Inside the settling tank, there is a section where sludge and water are collected. The products used in the machines are extremely resistant to high-weight working conditions. Sedimentation tanks have an easy-to-carry feature.

There are also different color options. It can be painted in the desired color within the scope of the demands of the people. It provides high efficiency with its compact design. It also reduces the costs of metro and train constructions. Sedimentation tools are equipment with recycling feature. It purifies dirty water and turns it into clean water. Thus, it offers the possibility of reuse.

Settlement Tanks Prices

Sedimentation tanks are one of the most popular products in the market. It attracts the attention of people with the advantageous features it offers. There is no clear price range for settling tanks. Prices vary depending on many factors. International price standards are also effective in determining prices. Sedimentation tanks prices differ from quality to quality.

At the same time, the prices of settling tanks differ from company to company. While the settling tanks are being formed, they are created with meticulous work with a highly specialized craftsmanship. Sedimentation tanks are professional products. Prices are shaped as a result of economic conditions. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of settling tanks within the scope of demand-supply relationship.

The prices of the settling tanks are also determined by the color option. The prices of the colors specially designed in line with the demands of the people are at a high level. Sedimentation tanks are products sold with guarantee. In case of any malfunction, the manufacturer offers free technical service. If you want to buy a settling tank machine, you need to take part in a comprehensive research. It is necessary to buy original machines with high professionalism.