Induction Furnace

An induction furnace is a machine used to melt precious metals at a certain temperature. Induction furnaces are not only used for heating, melting and hardening purposes, but are also highly preferred due to their ease of use and high efficiency, that is, low material losses.

Since it will provide high temperatures, the power supply must be at least a few kW. It can operate at different frequency values ​​depending on the type and dimensions of the material.
In addition to induction furnaces, it can also be used as an additional chiller cooling system.

  • Allows you to melt metals in a very short time
  • You can save money by heating certain parts of the system instead of heating the entire induction hob
  • You can only use the energy to use the heating. You have complete control of the power.
  • It works more efficiently than fuel and gas ovens.
  • It does not emit toxic gas to the environment, it does not cause air pollution.
  • Allows you to easily control the temperature of the oven.

The induction hob is a type of machine with a wide range of uses. It is used to heat metal parts at the set temperature and time. It is also known to be used to melt general metal parts. The induction furnace machine is a highly professional machine. It offers easy use to people with its manual features. Induction furnace is a machine that is frequently used in mining works.

It is known for its high frequency tuning power. Heat treatments have the capacity to make extremely high settings. The strong power supply ensures that the induction machine works in series. Fully automatic build also consists of features. Therefore, it prevents environmental pollution. Today, induction hobs are widely used machines. It is known for its frequency power of 50 Hz and 2 MHz.
It has a cooling system called Chiller. It also performs the melting process very quickly due to the powerful power supply. The induction furnace is one of the machines that are in high demand by people. The use of induction hobs brings many advantages to people. When it comes to the induction hob, we come across extremely advantageous usage features.

Advantages of Induction Cooker

It brings many positive advantages to people with its advanced manual feature and density of usage area. It is capable of melting metal materials in a very short time. Instead of heating all the parts, it has the feature of heating the surface parts determined by the people. The power of induction hobs is used not only when needed but also for heating processes. Induction hob is a machine with 24/7 uninterrupted working capacity.

It offers individuals the opportunity to work in quality, especially in fuel oil and gas fuel furnaces. It has the feature of preventing air pollution. It also has a structure that does not compromise on environmental pollution. It is very effective in controlling the temperature of the ovens. It also controls the oven temperature at a very precise level. It also performs the mixing process professionally in the melting process of alloy materials. It is a fast and practical machine with a strong machine structure. Induction hobs draw attention as hobs with a wide range of uses.

What Does an Induction Cooker Do?

Induction tools are the last generation cooking system used especially in kitchens and cooking works today. The main factor of the serial operation of the induction hob is that the hob does not heat itself, it only heats the pot placed on it. Thanks to this manual feature, it prevents people from burning their hands. Induction hobs have magnetic structures.
It establishes a strong relationship with the pot placed on it. In induction cookers, heat exchange and thermal conductivity occur within seconds. Likewise, when the stove is turned off, the heat power disappears instantly. Especially recently, induction furnace machines have come to the fore as machines with a wide range of uses.

Usage Area of ​​Induction Cooker?

The induction hob can be used in many areas. The most important areas where stoves are used are kitchens. Kitchens are also often used when cooking. Therefore, it is one of the most preferred machines in restaurants. Induction hobs are widely used in hotels due to their fast working features. Induction furnaces are also a product that is frequently used in the mining sector and the fuel sector.

Induction Furnace Prices

Induction hobs do not have a fixed price range in the market. Prices constantly differ from manufacturer to company. It is known that factors such as the quality of the product, its manual features, and its multi-functional structure play a direct role in the formation of prices.

As the prices of induction hobs increase in the features of the product, there is an upward trend in prices. Prices are determined according to international price standards and offered to customers.