Gold Refining Systems

The process of recycling precious metals from different scraps or minerals is called gold refining. Since the gold refining process involves a very sensitive process, qualified machines are used to successfully manage this process. When the gold refining machine comes to the fore, we come across machines supported by advanced technologies. Recently, the interest and need for machines that can recycle gold from electronic waste or jewelry waste has increased day by day. This situation brings us gold refining machines supported by different systems. Thus, it is possible to come across machines with different features in gold purification.

Gold purification systems have an assertive position as systems that always have to be at the center of a professional work. Especially recently, the recycling sector has a much more dynamic structure, increasing the interest in recyclable precious metals. The use of high-level technologies at the point of effective separation of precious metals; It brings with it important gains. Of course, gold purification systems have a unique working principle. In this way, it becomes possible to carry out the gold purification process at a much more effective level.

Gold Treatment Systems

It is known that other precious metals, especially gold, can be recycled through different purification systems. This situation is also valid for all other precious metals such as silver. Moreover, the purification process is carried out at an extremely high purity; increases the interest in gold purification systems. It should not be forgotten that the level of profitability in gold refining is directly related to the level of purity. For this reason, it is extremely important that gold purification systems can carry out the purification process with a high degree of purity. In addition, the gold purification period of the gold purification systems should be such that it does not increase the cost.

Gold purification systems generally take place in minds as systems in which two different methods are used. The high heat method, which is the most used method in the process from the past to the present, is used effectively in the recycling of gold. However, the second method that has recently emerged in the recycling process is the use of chemicals in gold refining. The use of chemicals in the gold refining process also makes it possible to perform the refining process at a high level. At this point, it is possible to state that the gold refining process brings with it a very meticulous process.

Systems Used in Gold Refining

When gold purification systems come to the fore, it is possible to encounter different chemical methods. Using acid in gold refining; It is among the most common methods. It is possible to talk about systems that use different chemicals to separate the gold in a gold-containing material. Purifying gold with Aqua Regia is preferred because it costs less. In the process of distinguishing gold from mining, scrap and e-waste, the Aqua Regia method offers practical solutions.
Gold purification systems using the Aqua Regia method make it possible to perform a practical purification process.

For the gold refining process, it is first taken to the rotating chambers called the gold tumblers. Here, different solutions are added and the material is then transferred to the settling tanks. At this point, gold purification systems operating under vacuum come into play. Next, the unloading process begins. Professional systems in this field are absolutely needed in order to release the gas scrubbers produced during the gold refining process to the environment in accordance with the standards. Thus, it is possible to complete the gold purification process safely.