Gold and Silver Bar Making System

Technological developments have brought developments in machinery as well. Today, machines consist of highly professional design. Gold and silver bar making system machine is used to melt silver and gold metals. It is also used in shaping precious metals. The molds can be adjusted according to the weights requested by the people. It also has the opportunity to be custom made.

Molds are produced in approximately 100 g, 250 g, 500 g, 1000 g and 2000 g molds. It is a machine used quite frequently by jewelers. The casting system of the machine consists of 2 different structures. The first building system is the system atmosphere control system. The next structure is a manually controlled sliding system structure. The bar making systems machine features an advanced laser heat measuring tool. Recently, in parallel with the development of technology, the gold and silver bar making system has developed effectively.

The machine performs the thermal conductivity very effectively. It attracts people’s attention with its multi-functional features. Manual structure also has features. It is extremely practical and simple to use. At the same time, the machine is extremely easy to install. It is a machine with 24/7 working capacity. It works with high efficiency with its powerful engine structure. The content of the machine also has a mold change feature.

It provides a professional service experience to its users with its feature of controlling the flow of nitrogen gas. It has the ability to melt gold and products made of gold very quickly. It has PLC structure system and push structure system in its structure. It regulates the water flow and controls the temperature. It does not harm the environment in any way during its use.

Advantages of Gold and Silver Bar Making Machine

The machine offers many advantages to its users due to its wide range of uses. The machine was created with an extremely precise working skill. Therefore, its structure has the feature of being a professional product. The stick making machine comes across as a machine with multifunctional features. The machine has a manual structure. There is no need for human factor in the realization of some processes.

The machine also has an advanced engine structure. It provides electricity savings with its advanced motor structure. It is a product with high productivity potential. It performs the control of nitrogen gas very professionally. It regularly measures the heat with the laser measuring system. It is also very effective in melting metals such as gold, silver and diamonds.

The stick making machine also provides water flow and temperature control. It is easy to use and practical to install. The maximum temperature capacity of the machine is approximately 1400 degrees. With the ability to change the mold size of metals, you can shape gold and silver into any shape you want. Especially the gold and silver making system attracts attention with its effective technical features.

Technical Specifications of Gold and Silver Bar Machine

The machine has many technical features due to its multifunctional structure. It is also used in the production of gold, silver and diamond bars, which are the most important technical features. Its molds are in graphite form. The kilobar rate is 65KW -700 x 150 mm. The mini kilobar rate is approximately 13 KW -300 x 50 x 130 mm.

The bar making machine has an advanced PLC system as well as a push system. It offers technical advantages to its users with the ability to change mold dimensions. It has a laser heat meter feature. It provides temperature control and water flow. Molds have a cooling compartment. It controls the flow of nitrogen gas. The maximum temperature value of the machine is approximately 1400 degrees. The external cooling structure is 22 degrees water hot.