Fire Assay / Cupellation / Carat Control

It is a machine that is frequently used in the jewelry industry. It is used in the analysis of precious metals to help you understand what value the metal is. This system fire test, which is used to measure the purity of precious metals, works with the carat control system cupelation furnace. It is preferred in the process of separating precious metals such as gold silver from other non-precious metals.

  • It is produced from polypropylene material.
  • It is sent to you with all the glass materials that you can test.
  • Cupelation furnace is included in the system
  • With the sensitive weight system, you can learn how much efficiency you get from your materials
  • You can continue your work with spare parts.

Developed in parallel with the developing technology, fire test machines are one of the most popular machines in the market. Fire-tested machines are also used in the analysis of metals in precious jewelry. It also gives very effective results in the recovery of metals. It is one of the most frequently used machines, especially by those dealing with the jewelery industry. It is also highly suitable for use by trading companies.

The level of sensitivity in the use of machines is kept at a high level. The machine is also used to determine the purity level of precious metals. It is known that metals such as gold, silver, diamond, emerald are also used intensively. It gives people serious advantages in the exact detection of metals such as gold and silver. Metals in some jewelry are difficult to detect, but 100% detection is achieved with a fire analysis machine.

The fire test machine is a very professional machine. It has the feature of detecting the purity of metals up to the comma. The machine has the possibility of manual operation. It is a machine that stands out with its multi-functional features. There is also a very wide range in terms of usage possibilities. The machine has serial operation feature. It has a 24/7 uninterrupted working principle.

In addition, the machine does not compromise on any environmental pollution. The most precious pure gold jewelery is produced by the use of this machine. Jewelery is a vital machine for those dealing with the jewelery industry. Fire test machines show a high level of performance, especially in accurate carat determination.

Advantages of Fire Test Machines

The machine offers a wide range of advantages to people with its multi-functional features. There are precision weighted control systems in the structure of the machine. In addition, the head structure of the machine is made of polypropylene. The study room part of the structure is also present. Spare parts are available against wear. Process information is instantly detected on the machine and reported.

It contains all the glass equipment required for the tests to be made. It stands out with its cupllation oven feature and offers advantages. It has many advantages for people with its easy installation and practical usage features. It offers functional features to people with its manual feature. It is known that new generation technologies come into play at the point of karat control.

It also provides a serious advantage in determining the purity of precious metals such as gold and silver. The purest jewelery products are released under the control of the fire analysis machine. The machine also has an uninterrupted working principle. It offers individuals the advantage of working 24/7 nonstop. It appears as a machine with a working principle at very high temperatures. It is known for its structure with controlled processing features.
It is also known in the market as a metal purification system used to remove non-precious stones from jewellery. The environment is not harmed in any way during the operations. It is known for being an environmentally friendly product. The machine also provides very strong thermal insulation. It is also used in the manufacture of 100% pure jewellery.

Fire Test, Carat Adjustment Machine Prices

One of the questions that people are most curious about in recent days is the prices of fire analysis machines. It is impossible to give a precise price information as the prices are constantly changing. Global economic changes directly affect prices. Prices differ from manufacturer to company. Manufacturers are completely involved in determining prices. It is known that factors such as product quality, functional structure and manual features play a direct role in determining the prices. Today, the fire test machine appears as the machinery sector where competition and demand are the most.