One of the systems used to obtain metals in high purity is the electrolysis machine. It is a machine that is generally preferred in the mining and recycling sector. It is often used for precious metals such as copper, silver and gold, and is preferred to obtain high purity precious metal.

It is possible to recover high purity precious metal if done correctly. After the necessary chemicals are applied, it is possible to recover metals such as 99.99% pure gold, silver and copper.

Electrolysis General Properties

  • With short circuit prevention, your system protects itself against accidents.
  • Much less loss with the filter system
  • You can easily empty it thanks to the discharge valve
  • Can easily collect granules obtained with granule bags

Electrolysis machine is one of the machines that has made a name for itself with the service quality it has provided in recent years. With its multi-functional structure, it offers many usage advantages to its users. Electrolysis machine is used to recover metals such as gold and silver with high purity. It is also frequently used in the mining field. It is also known to be used in the field of recycling services.

In the industrial industry, copper structure electrolysis, silver structure electrolysis, gold electrolysis are the most commonly used electrolysis. With its refining properties, it also recovers metals in high purity levels. It increases the purity efficiency by leaching methods. Using an electrolysis machine is an area that requires expertise. If used correctly, it is a machine that provides high efficiency.

The electrolysis machine is a machine designed and produced with a very professional workmanship. Its installation is quite simple, and its use requires expertise. With its powerful engine structure, it offers high efficiency to people. If applied correctly in wastes, scraps and metal ores, it offers a purity of 99%. It is one of the most used machines in the jewelry industry.

High level is also used to obtain gold and silver. The purest gold necklaces and bracelets are produced by filtering the electrolysis machine. Electrolysis machine has the opportunity to work 24/7. It adds purity to metals with its advanced circulation pump. In order to learn how to use the electrolysis machine, support should be sought from a specialist who knows how to use the machine.

Electrolysis Machine Advantages

Electrolysis machine is a machine that stands out with its wide range of features. Therefore, it offers serious advantages to people with its multi-functional feature structure. The most important of the advantages it offers is that it adds nearly 100% purity to metals. The rarest gold and silver products are produced after passing the control of electrolysis machines.

It is a machine with an extremely high efficiency level. It adds purity by shaping gold and silver metals in high settings with the circulation pump. The electrolysis machine has the feature of applying chemical content. At the same time, it appears as an environmentally friendly machine. Chemical processes are not discharged in any way. Your machine is a highly professional product.

The electrolysis machine works very fast. It offers its users the possibility of efficiency at the mass production level with its fast working potential. Thus, it becomes possible to obtain a high level of performance from the electrolysis machine. Moreover, when the electrolysis machine comes to the fore recently, we come across a highly advanced technology!

Electrolysis Machine Technical Specifications

There are many technical features of the machine in its structure. With the circulation pump, it produces metal purity very quickly. With its short circuit prevention program, it provides a professional quality service experience to its users. The filter system is one of its technical features. There is also a discharge valve of the electrolysis machine.

Granular structure and bags are also very important factors. The redresser system is one of the technical systems in the machine. In terms of technical features, the electrolysis machine is quite rich. Maintenance is very easy.

Electrolysis Machine Prices

When the prices of the electrolysis machine are examined, you should do a detailed research. Prices are constantly changing depending on many different factors. The electrolysis machine is also not in the fixed price range. The prices of each machine manufacturer are different from each other. Factors such as the quality of the machine, its automatic structure, functions and brand directly affect the prices in determining the prices.

Electrolysis machine prices are determined in accordance with international price quality standards. It plays an active role in the formation of prices and global economic conditions.