Decanter Centrifuge

The machine used in the separation of solids and liquids provides maximum dewatering and maximum purification efficiency. It is a machine used especially after the precipitation of precious metals. With 1300 rpm and 40 lt capacity, it allows you to separate solid and liquid in minutes.

Thanks to its automatic stop feature, it allows you to safely stop while working. In addition, with its many functions, the decanter centrifuge is a machine preferred by many sectors working with precious metals, especially the jewelery sector.

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Decanter Centrifuge machines are the machines that stand out with their professional structures. It attracts people’s attention with its advanced qualitative features. At the same time, the scope of use is wide. It is one of the machines that are frequently preferred by people due to its usage characteristics in many areas. It provides separation of solid and liquid substances from each other.

Decanter Centrifuge machine is generally used on precious metals.
It is also used to precipitate valuable products such as gold, silver and diamonds. It has a very fast working principle. It also provides the separation process in a time interval of approximately 5 minutes. It stands out with its powerful engine structure. It has functional features such as manual stop, safe stop, time counter. Decanter Centrifuge has high level purification feature.

It also has a high level dewatering feature. It easily performs the purification processes in solid materials. It is extremely practical to use. The maintenance of the Decanter Centrifuge machine is also quite simple. It can be easily cleaned. In case of demand by people, they appear as products with different color design structures. It has a volume structure of approximately 40 liters with 1300 RPM. When the usage areas of the Decanter Centrifuge machine come to the fore, we come across a wide-ranging field of activity.

Decanter Centrifuge Usage Area

The usage possibilities of the Decanter Centrifuge machine are quite wide. It shows the feature of being a machine used in many fields. The areas it uses also provide a high degree of dewatering. At the same time, it offers high efficiency in applications where it is used. It plays a role in dewatering processes in the industrial industry sector. Factories also perform waste water treatment.

Refineries also perform the repair of oily waste products. The renewable level also provides repaired services. It is also used in yeast product applications. At the same time, machines are frequently used in fish production applications. It is known to play an active role in the potato dewatering process. It performs the dewatering of the sludge structure of the wastes of food products.

It realizes the dewatering period of fruit foods and vegetable products. It is also used intensively in the meat and chicken sector. It is known that mining services are also used. The grandfather of the wine production sector is a machine that is used with wide possibilities. Decanter Centrifuge is a machine that is used in many areas as seen with its multifunctional structure.

Advantages of Decanter Centrifuge

The decanter centrifuge machine is also a machine with technological standards that come to the fore with its advantages. It has an extremely powerful engine structure. Dewatering processes are carried out very quickly by the machine in a time interval of approximately 5 minutes. It has a high level of mud processing feature. In addition, high efficiency is obtained from the processes performed. It has a structure that is protected against high-dimensional abrasions.

The maintenance cost is extremely low. It is a machine that is easy to install and use. It is very economical in terms of energy consumption. It is of effective quality in sludge removal. It has high efficiency content in dewatering in the processing of food products. Decanter Centrifuge machine has the feature of being a machine that constantly renews and updates itself.

Decanter Centrifuge Machine Prices

Machine prices are constantly changing in the market. There is no clear price range in the market in terms of decanter centrifuge machine prices. Each manufacturer determines its own price range. Therefore, Decanter Centrifuge machine prices differ from company to company.

Especially when you want to buy a Decanter Centrifuge machine, you must take part in a comprehensive price research. Factors such as the functional structure of the machine, metal quality, durability, dewatering efficiency, waste treatment mechanism play a direct role on the prices. The international price range is also taken as an example in determining the prices.